Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30th December.....

Its been 1 month & 8 days since i last wrote anything. In between these dates...a lot...I mean a LOT have happened. So gonna start with the first thing....

Haha...alhamdulillah...all's well. I think my tok kadi set a record for the longest nikah sermon - 1 hour 15 minutes to be exact. I sat at 11.30am & finished my lafaz at12.50pm. Do the counting was that long that when I entered the house, I was a nervous wreck but ending up bored. 

nervous wreck!!

bring it on!!

Arrrrrr,,,I'm MARRIED - photo by naqisyah photography

Haha... held a small reception for family ...and for a few of my close friends. thanks a lot for coming. Lastly, a preview of my outdoor photography... till mt next entry..which is on my career...

smile - photo by naqisyah photography