Monday, February 28, 2011

my new (old) crib

My home. My home sweet home. Been living here since 2006. At that time 10 of us (i think) lived here. Now only me & my better half. Time to re-decorate the once bachelor pad to a place i call home.

Re-moving in (been out of this house for a while since married). Phewwwwww....spend 2 days scrubbing & washing the place. Literally. But no pics - too busy to snap anything. Threw a lorry of thrash from the house. Just wanna make the house fresh.

Then a week later, my LCD + Home theater + Fridge came.....huhuhu..grinning from ear to ear. Of coz - it's from courts. No money to buy cash.

panasonic Viera - TH-L32U20K

panasonic compact satellite home theatre system - SC-PT22


panasonic 2 door fridge - NR-BU303MS

Looking forward to furnish my crib. Going out later to hunt for sofas & dining table plus whatever i can find. Hehe. (btw - the technician is installing Unifi while I'm typing this.)