Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30th December.....

Its been 1 month & 8 days since i last wrote anything. In between these dates...a lot...I mean a LOT have happened. So gonna start with the first thing....

Haha...alhamdulillah...all's well. I think my tok kadi set a record for the longest nikah sermon - 1 hour 15 minutes to be exact. I sat at 11.30am & finished my lafaz at12.50pm. Do the counting was that long that when I entered the house, I was a nervous wreck but ending up bored. 

nervous wreck!!

bring it on!!

Arrrrrr,,,I'm MARRIED - photo by naqisyah photography

Haha... held a small reception for family ...and for a few of my close friends. thanks a lot for coming. Lastly, a preview of my outdoor photography... till mt next entry..which is on my career...

smile - photo by naqisyah photography

Monday, November 22, 2010

my wishlist part 1

started this ..yet to think of one particular topic i've would like to write let it flow. let it be a mix & match of whatever that comes to my head & let my fingers do the typing.

lets me share my wishlist. no time-frame is set on this (maybe sooner, maybe later..who knows?). so i'm starting with my 1st wish - should be a short term i might say (next year maybe?)... a new blackberry. One particular is this one...the Blackberry Torch

Blackberry Torch

been dreaming of it since it's launch. I don't care about iphone 4, android or windows ....i'm just into blackberry. Have to bear with my Curve 8520 for now...with it's torned convenient keys...haihhhhsss

My 8520 Gemini

torned convenient key

don't get me wrong...i love it! however, will be given a new makeover by end of this month (hopefully). Something grey-chrome, blue transparent & blue matte maybe? hahahaha....wait for the updates. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

....and i start here

..phewwww....lets jump in to this blog bandwagon. My sister Nana inspired me to write...about what yet for me to decide...maybe.. gonna be mix of everything..and more of blackberry (heavy abuser here).. untill then..SALAM!!