Thursday, March 24, 2011

McD - free 2 big breakfast?

My wife ask me last nite if we can have big breakfast this morning. I was's 25th of the salary yet. Adeh. Then she told me about the promo that she heard from facebook. I decided to google it. Demmmmmm....i found few sites regarding this promo. Spend RM 5 & get 2 free big breakfirst. Too good to be true? Although being skeptical,  I decided that it's worth the try. Found my printer, print out few coupons & wait till morning to try it out.

6 am, my wife woke me up & we drove to McD Taipan. Homaigod... the queue was 15 people long. Everybody have the coupon with them. It's 6.20am!! 

the coupon
queue in front of me
queue behind me

My turn came & since minimum is RM5, i ordered 2 hotcakes & upgrade to hot milo... RM5.05..just nice ;). 

happy for the cheap breakfirst! :p
believe me now?

So, here i'm sharing the link to printout the coupon! Enjoy!!!! (just click on the & white accepted)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Its not me..its my better half. She's 6 week pregnant. She's not only having morning sickness but all day sickness. Adeh. Pity my wife. Even have to take long MC to rest. I'm at office but I'm so worried... my mind is with my wife all the time... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

Bubu, can I take leave tomorrow? 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pauface getting 2.1 : Upgrading Xperia X10 from 1.6 to 2.1

Prabu got himself an Acer Liquid Metal with 2.2 Froyo. Aaron still stuck with 1.6. Dunno how to do, I googled & search for the ways to upgrade Android. Being a Blackberry heavy user, Android is such an alien for me. But after a night of researching, it wasn't so hard.

Here step by step on updating  to Android 2.1. (taken from here)
Step 1.
Download and install Sony Ericsson Update service from this page.
Step 2.
Make sure that you backup all the data on your phone like messages, contacts, market applications etc before you proceed with the update.
Step 3.
After you are done with the backup, run update service on your system. Make sure that your system is connected to the internet before you run the update service.
This step is divided into a checklist which needs to be considered before you begin.
a. Check that you have the USB cable for the phone.
b. Make sure that the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
c. Make sure that your phone is not connected to the system.
The screen should look like the one below.
Check the license agreement statement and click Start to begin.
Step 4.
Select X10 and click Next.
Step 5.
Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. For your convenience, find the instructions written below as well.
a. Turn off the phone and wait at least 30 seconds.
b. Connect the micro- USB cable to the USB port on the system.
c. Press and hold the Back key on the phone while connecting the USB cable into the phone.
d. Continue holding the Back key until a message saying, “Release the Back key” appears on the screen.
Step 6.
Let the update service check your phone and search for the latest update. Click on Update\Install to proceed with the same.
The update service would now start downloading the software which is approximately 161 MB in size. The download may take several minutes depending on the speed of the internet connection.
Step 7.
After the software file has been downloaded, the service would begin installing the new operating system on your phone. During this time, make sure that the phone remains connected to the system. It may take several minutes to complete, so please be patient.
Step 8.
After the software has been installed,  a message saying, your phone has been updated successfully, would appear on the screen. Click on Exit to close the update service.
Now, you can disconnect the USB cable and switch on the phone.
Step 9.
The phone might take a long time to boot up after fresh installation of the operating system. So, give it some time and set up the phone once it starts.
The phone would also seem to be a bit slow and laggy in the beginning. This is because the hardware needs to get accustomed to the new operating system. Play around for a couple of hours with the new update and you would find that the phone has resumed its fluidity.
Step 10.
Done!! It was simple. restoring also take only few minutes to finish.

Hurm...Android next? :p

media player : part 2

PC ekspo. Unable to resist & went with Amin. He bought Seagate FreeAgent® GoFlex™ 500gb  HDD which is RM20 cheaper than when i bought it last month!! Arghhhhhhh. Good deal. I only got 1 thing in my mind - survey for media player.

After 3 rounds, few choices, i go for this. Modeo Mini Full HD Media Player. :). Much cheaper compared to retail price at Digital Mall/ Low Yat. The downside is no Ethernet port (no online streaming). But other than that, amazing device. Support full HD & plays all the extension i have. MKV, MP4, RMVB, etc... plus the size is small 2" x 2". 

Modeo Mini Full HD Media Player

on top of hypptv box
Tested immediately once home. My choice - Avatar 720p. Excellence. 2nd choice - How To Train A Dragon 1080p. Excellence. No complain! The menu is so simple, operating is extremely easy - my wife mastered it within 5 minutes. 

Only a thing to do - subtitles doesn't work when separated in different folder. So i had to move my prefered subtitles to the same folder with the movie. 

So my system complete for now. Time to enjoy it... :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

media player?

Looking forward to complete my home theater system (for beginner that is). So for the final piece i'm looking for HD media player. Been torrenting a lot of movies. I need it to be:

  • support HDMI - need to support full HD 1080 or 720
  • support MKV & Mpeg-4 files
  • black in color
  • medium range
A few device i found& I'm intrested in 

KWorld Media Player M200

Seagate FreeAgent Theater + HD Media Player

Hurm, going to PC expo tomorrow with Prabu & Amin. See what i can find. :)

"unifi"ed! :)

Having a free internet account is good. Having a free internet account with un-capped usage is very good. Having a free internet account with un-capped usage BUT out of coverage & slow is useless. :)

Was finding a way to solve this. Streamyx? hurm, i got no phone cost gonna be 300++. Then just brosing to, my place is in coverage! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! double confirm with my friend & lucky for me, they are waiving off installation fees & also free for the 1st month at that time. Without any haste, made my order online and set the appointment date. 

Came the day. Woke up early, just to prep the house for them to come. I wait. 8.30am - no calls. 9.00am - no calls. 9.30am (the time set for the visit) - still no calls. Give them another 10 minutes, called the careline & at 10.00am, they came. Actually only 1 man came. I had doubts. I literally ask him - "boleh ke buat sorang?". With confident he said "Boleh bang. Cuma lambat sikit jer la.". i let it flow. 

He went to the back of my house. What do u know? The box is just behind my house on the phone pole.

the box

the technician

the casuality

So the work began. He made some wiring at the box and pulling cable to my house. Inside, I'm snapping more pics.

the package
Cut it short....the installation was over in 2 1/2 hrs. Efficient work, good technician.

the final product

the speed test :)