Friday, January 21, 2011

new year...

it's the 21st day of the year. Alhamdulillah, i lived on to see another new year in my life..

It's exactly 1 year & 3 days i've been in this company...wooohoooo..&  i'm a confirmed employee. Rezeki nikah katanya. Really happy here, freedom of working with minimal supervision, get a saying in team decision, respect from team members & flexibility. Insyaallah, will be here for longer period...

Just wanna say that...daaaaaa

Thursday, January 6, 2011 la la la la

nak merapu kejap..hahaha

Just finished my 5 days vacation... settling my son & my daughter school preparation. Now i know how mama & ayah felt everytime school starts... huhu. Literally terrified when looking at all the price tags..none the less..have to buy. Just can't take it looking at Aiman wearing his worn-out last year school uniform...kesian my bujang.

The hunt started on 1st January. Destination - Danga Bay Mall. Since ayah wanted to go to the gallery; Metrojaya is also there, so lets go. Result - not that good. Manage to grab 3 school shirt for Aiman. Failure on the parts. But manage to get Mya's barbie bag for RM 15.00. She was gleaming!!

Then ayah said dinner 1st. Yum yum.. tip top ikan bakar is the destination. Been eating here since 30 years back. Feel so good when can treating mama & ayah with my hard earned money. Too bad no pics available since didn't bring the cams. 

Then next destination - IOI mall Kulai. Homaigoddddddddddd... should have go here the 1st place. A carnival of school uniforms! Mission totally accomplished. 2 pairs of pants, 2 pair of shoes, 2 pair of baju melayu for sekolah agama, 3 pairs of socks & 1 sampin hitam. Xpa, burnt my pocket but it was worth it when i see Aiman's face.

2nd January. Nothing much. Went to few barber shop - all with at least 5 person waiting in queue. Last minute i guess (same as me). IOI mall again. This time Mya's shoes. Totally forgot about her shoes. She's starting her kindergarten years. :)

Here comes Monday. Owhh....woke up very early. 7am since need to send Mya for her registration. Wow....papa &  mama is very nervous!! Now i feel it... & now i know i need to save up for their education. Smart Reader gonna cost me 1k per year. :)

Afternoon, time to send Aiman. hero smiling all the way to school. Not even a single hint of nervous. Gooood. Alhamdulillah.

Think I stop here. Welcoming myself to the world of parenting. & I'm loving it !!!!