Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my babies!

Been a while since my last entry. My wife is 6 months preggy. Feeling the baby moving in her belly makes me smile from ear to ear everytime i felt it. :)

Anyway, while waiting for the baby, I got 2 babies for free. A girl & a boy. Huhu..actually i got 2 kittens from my friend Hanah. Got it on 11th July ( as well as a b'day present for my wife).

This is Tim. Male. Grey silver. Looks like British short hair but we called it street short hair. Very playful, eats a lot!! But very "manja'..every night he'll come to me for to pet him to sleep. :D

This is Marble. Female. Calico. Shy girl. Hard to hold her. But not as naughty as Tim.

My food of choice is Blackwood. Not really expensive but as good as Royal Canin (fact i got from the net). The kits loves complain.

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