Thursday, March 24, 2011

McD - free 2 big breakfast?

My wife ask me last nite if we can have big breakfast this morning. I was's 25th of the salary yet. Adeh. Then she told me about the promo that she heard from facebook. I decided to google it. Demmmmmm....i found few sites regarding this promo. Spend RM 5 & get 2 free big breakfirst. Too good to be true? Although being skeptical,  I decided that it's worth the try. Found my printer, print out few coupons & wait till morning to try it out.

6 am, my wife woke me up & we drove to McD Taipan. Homaigod... the queue was 15 people long. Everybody have the coupon with them. It's 6.20am!! 

the coupon
queue in front of me
queue behind me

My turn came & since minimum is RM5, i ordered 2 hotcakes & upgrade to hot milo... RM5.05..just nice ;). 

happy for the cheap breakfirst! :p
believe me now?

So, here i'm sharing the link to printout the coupon! Enjoy!!!! (just click on the & white accepted)

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